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A New Way of Life

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Who would of thought that within a few months our world would have taken such a severe shift. When you are becoming an expert in product acquisition during a Pandemic, keep in mind that you can get healthy food you need delivered right to your door from one of the largest nutrition companies in the industry, Herbalife Nutrition.

Our shakes are filled with all of the protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids that your body needs! They are extremely healthy, fill you up, and taste AMAZING!

We offer a wide range of products; shakes and protein snacks, immunity boosters, Herbalife24 pro-active sports products, specialized nutrition supplements and SKIN care.

As far as cost goes, it's super affordable. It's only a $35 one time fee for the Preferred Membership and that will give you a permanent 20% discount on ALL future orders! There are NO automatic shipments or monthly minimum purchase requirements. You only order what you want, when you want it!

The recommended products for daily nutrition, work out to be roughly $2.50 per meal. You don't just receive products, this comes with my meal plan guide, optional workout guides, healthy snack ideas, a community support Facebook group and constant one-on-one guidance!

To get started as a Preferred Member and receive your permanent 20% discount just go to www.myherbalife.com and click "join Herbalife-Apply Online". Then create your access account (email and password) Click "Sign Up as a Preferred Member" , Sponsor ID: 10Y0422016, Last Name Letters - RUT, Sponsor: Katrina Rutledge. Fill in all your information, click through pages and create your username and password, and then answer security questions. Don't check the box that you received the member kit from me as they will send you one straight from Herbalife. Choose the member kit for $34.95. Then let me know once you're done and we can find the products you need to meet your goals.

To become an Herbalife Distributor and start making an income while helping others become healthier and happier follow the same instructions above, EXCEPT click on "Sign Up as a Distributor". Choose the distributor kit for $94.10. Don't check the box that you received the business kit from me, they will send you one straight from Herbalife. You will also receive 25% off all personal use product orders and have a starting 25% retail profit on all products you sell. Once you're done, we'll begin building your business together!

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